Association members privileges

According to paragraph 9 of The Decree N138 of The Cabinet of the Ministers of The Republic of Uzbekistan on February 15, 2019 on additional measures for effective organization of production and industrial processing of licorice and other medicinal plants for Association members, creating plantations of licorice and other medicinal plants and processing licorice and other medicinal plants by January 1, 2024 are given the following privileges:

a) exemption from payment of:

land tax,
income tax,
entity property tax,
flat-rate tax,
single land tax;

customs fee (except customs clearance fee) importing for their own producing needs, as technological equipment, specialized agricultural machinery, components and spare parts to them, raw materials, materials, including building materials, which are not produced in Uzbekistan, seeds and seedlings of licorice and other medicinal plants, and also unmanned aerial vehicles. Wherein VAT is paid for specialized agricultural machinery, its components and spare parts, imported into Uzbekistan.

b) deferral of payment of permit issue fees for provision (gather) of planting material (seeds, stalks) for creating plantations.