Membership fee payment size and rules

1) Entrance fee should be paid within 5 (five) banking days after concluding membership agreement  in the amount of  2,230,000 UZS or 10 BEV (basic estimated value), calculated according to The Decree N5723 of the President of The Republic of Uzbekistan  on May 21, 2019 for improvement of determining procedures of  wages, pension and other payments sizes (рус) (узб) which is 223,000 UZS by November 1, 2020 according to The Decree N5765 of the President of The Republic of Uzbekistan on July 12, 2019 for wages, pension, scholarship and benefits sizes increase (рус) (узб).

2) Monthly membership payment should be paid in the amount of 1,115,000 UZS or 5 BEV (basic estimated value) not later than 10th of the following month.